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Shop at Bain Splash for a great alternative to toilet paper!

Help reduce the recent toilet paper shortage as well as greatly reduce your yearly toilet paper costs by switching to an electric bidet seat.

Not only that, help save our planet and environment by reducing toilet paper consumption and thus reducing overall waste.




VOVO Integrated Toilet TCB-080SA (Auto open / close)


Combining powerful performance, bidet functionality and a deodorizing system, this truly intelligent toilet delivers a complete and comfortable clean.

Control personalized settings for the heated seat, dryer, and water temperatures on the touch screen remote or from the control panel on the toilet.

Auto open and close lid for user comfort, LED lights for night time use and a carbon filter for neutralizing odors.

Innovative tankless design consists of smooth, sloping curves and very few seams, making it easy to wipe clean. Plus, the self rinsing bidet wand offers a more hygenic experience.

These toilet features help you save a considerable water amount and up to 90% tissue.


-Auto Flushing
-Auto Open & Close
-Health Care Technology
-Wide Seat
-Semi Permanent Strainer Filter
-Remote Control
-Safe Detergent

This product can be shipped to Canadian addresses only. Shipping and handling included.

For all inquiries, please contact

VOVO Integrated Toilet: TCB-080SA (Auto open / close)

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