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IMUSEN - Smart Cypress Air Purifier


Eliminate germs and purify your air quality with Vovo’s 4 stage brushed filter system.

Stage 1: Removes larger obstacles like hair, pollen,pet fur and dander.

Stage 2: Removes 99.9 % of dust.

Stage 3: Eliminates VOC caused by daily movement, harmful gases, and pet odors.

Stage 4: Natural antibacterial effect, neutralization and deodorant effect, insect repellent effect and bactericidal effect, stress reduction and aromatherapy.

IMUSEN is made with a cypress wood in its natural form which acts as a phytoncide; an antimicrobial allelochemical volatile organic compound derived from plants.

Effects of a Cypress Wood Filter?

-Natural antibacterial and antifungal deodorization: Decreases 99.9% of pneumococcal. Antihypertensive effects on atopic and dermatitis allergies.

-Supports stress reduction, mental and physical stability: Reduces 50% of cortisol concentration. Cypress phytoncide is the most excellent in reducing stress.

-Reduce and prevent sick house syndrome: Removes 34.38 % of formaldehyde.

-Aromatherapy Function: Reduces 50% of cortisol concentration. Reduces stress and improves immunity through aromatherapy.

-Memory and concentration enhancement: Increases brain activity and alpha wave.

-Insect repellent and bactericidal: Reduce 80% of house dust mites. Kills pests to prevent infection.

-Equipped with 100% pure cypress oil capsules without chemicals: Spreads air containing phytoncide throughout the house.

With IMUSEN your air quality will greatly improve, thus directly improving the quality of your oxygen and your health.

What air do you breath?

WATCH this video to learn more:

This product can be shipped to Canadian addresses only. Shipping and handling included.


For all inquiries, please contact

IMUSEN -Cypress Air Purifier M-001 (WHITE)

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